The letter I wrote on facebook to the CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic

This is a letter to the CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic

By : Noor Al-Derazi

Dear Johan Scott,

My name is Noor and until 2pm today I was a proud Bahrain Polytechnic student. You might recognize my face because I’m an active student. I won’t talk about the good things I have done to the Polytechnic because everyone knows, the staff & students. And because the polytechnic gave me so much that I can’t rap it all in this letter.

Dear Mr. Scott, I was one of the founding students, the very first batch. A student who was there before there were even printed patterns on the walls. I sat in classes hearing constructions noises in the background. I watched the whole polytechnic grow and develop. I was there since the very beginning that I was in the class whom the crown prince of Bahrain had visited while having a campus tour in the official opening ceremony. I was there when you welcomed us in the first orientation days in 2009 where you said to us: you are the new Bahrainis

Now, after being there for 6 semesters, I was the first one to get expelled from Bahrain polytechnic. And for some reason, you administration felt the need of having me leave the campus looking like a dangerous person whom the security had to escort out. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to the tutors who have known me since they were first employed. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to my group mates I was working with to submit an assignment that is due tomorrow.

Firstly, you might find the channel I’m delivering my message through as a strange one, why a letter on my facebook and not anything else? Well, my facebook was the reason why I was sent to the investigation panel at Bahrain polytechnic to begin with. As you might already know, some of my facebook posts were already printed out and were provided to the investigation panel. My face book account has high privacy sittings which mean not everyone can view my wall, only people who I accept their friend requests can view it. Therefore, whatever I was saying was purely personal opinion and was not made for public release purposes. I never expected that expressing my opinion and practicing the right of freedom of speech that Bahraini constitution grant me would send me to an investigation panel.

Secondly,  part of the main reasons why I got expelled was for my alleged participation in some unauthorized marches along with other things. I am curious to know if the investigation panel took my words seriously when I said that I didn’t participate in any marches. The reason for that as I told them is that I was not even here in Bahrain when people where marching! Would you like to know where I was? I was in the Minnesota -United States.

I have my flight tickets that shows the date of departure from Bahrain (28-1-2011), and another one that shows that my departure date from washington DC to Amsterdam was (6-3-2011). On Tuesday (7-3-2011 – in the midnight) I arrived to Bahrain, on Thursday the 9th of March 2011 I traveled to Dubai for two nights so I came back to Bahrain on Saturday the 12th of march 2011. Technically, if you calculate how much I spent in Bahrain before the Roundabout evacuation you find that I was in Bahrain for nearly a week only! that is counting the days where I faced jet lag from the 8 hours difference in time! So I wonder, what were those marches(s) (because the letter refers to me allegedly participating in several marches not only one) that I have participated in because I cannot think of any! Can you please give me an answer for that? Because apparently it was one of the key reasons I got expelled!

Thirdly, would you like to know why I was in the US at that time? Well, I was sent through the US embassy in Manama on a women’s leadership program funded by US department of state. Among 5 other Bahraini women, I was selected to participate in the program after they have viewed applications from all over Bahrain. The program name is “ the Study of the united state institute for student leaders on women’s leadership”. During our time in Minnesota and Washington DC, I have learnt so much about the US history, women’s leadership and Human rights. We even were given a copy of the Universal declaration of the human rights document. We learnt and saw how freedom of speech is granted and practiced by everyone. I connected it with what Bahrain constitution provides as well. Sadly, almost 2 months after I came back to Bahrain, I got called for investigation for practicing what I have learnt.

That experience in the US really changed me to the better. I can’t even begin to describe to you to the pride I felt representing my country abroad. I become full of honor every time I remember that. We were talking about how civilized Bahrain is, how great its people are and how lucky we are to be Bahrainis. That of course hasn’t change and will never change.

Finally, I want to tell you that I’m not sad or bitter because of this. And I defiantly didn’t write this letter begging to be a Bahrain polytechnic student again. I said what I have said in this letter simply because I have the right to do so.

Thank you very much for everything..

Noor Al-Derazi


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  1. 1

    Zainab said,

    God bless you little sister and be sure that god have chosen a better path for you, its only a matter of time until you find your new bright way.
    While reading your letter i could sense the pride in your words, so keep it up and dont let a fly size matter shake your confidence.

  2. 3

    Anonymous supporter said,

    You r very brave and strong. John Scott should be ashamed of himself as he is too weak to stand up for his students. Everyone has a right to education.

    Please make sure the US embassy knows about this. Also there are education associations that have been investigating these expulsions. Pls talk to Mohd Almaskati.

    Also would u b able to continue at a university abroad?

    • 4

      Thank you. I’m not interested in shaming anyone because I see no point of doing that.That wouldn’t help me or my case and it’s not who I am.. I don’t have anything against him personally anyways.

      I hope things get better :D

      Thank you for caring :D

  3. 5

    No regrets ! Simply expressing letter.

  4. 7

    Bahrain Polytechnic Student said,

    well, we met each other yesterday at the research methods class, and I was asking you about the sketch tape ” Shalooshan “..
    Girl, your letter is just amazing !! I think am proud that Bahraini girls are just like you !! I hope all of them just like you..

    and wondering WHO’S NEXT !!?

  5. 9

    Bedlam Beggar said,

    Amazing letter! You’re really smart Noor!

  6. 11

    zahra said,

    dear Noor,
    keep in ur mind that this university is not the university that deserve u,
    you are much more than to study in this retarded university.
    i am sure that u are now thanking god for that,, we are all proud of u ^_^

    • 12

      I don’t want people to talk badly about the polytechnic because of what happened. Lets not forget the amazing staff and students there :D I still hold lots of love to them and to the memories I had there .. :D

      Thank you for caring <3

  7. 13

    JohnPauls said,

    this really a moving letter and world i wish i have a college that has you as student, i am so proud and honored to know that Bahrain have such great people.

    Ofcourse i hope i will see and read Mr Scott answer, i will be ashmed to have associated myself with such regime

    • 14

      Thank you so much, I’m honored to read those amazing words :D

      I didn’t get an answer, maybe because I didn’t send him the letter officially in an email or something like that.. But it’s ok, I wasn’t expecting one anyways.

  8. 15

    JohnPauls said,

    this really a moving letter and world i wish i have a college that has you as student, i am so proud and honored to know that Bahrain have such great people.

    Ofcourse i hope i will see and read Mr Scott answer, i will be ashmed if I have associated myself with such regime

  9. 16

    Anonymous said,

    It is unfortunate to read about it. I’m very saddened by all the expulsions that have been made.
    At the core, this is nothing more than the destruction of precious human capital as those expelled are amongst the finer if not finest minds at the Polytechnic.

    Stay strong and best of luck to you in life. Wish I had the opportunity to know you personally but I can say with confidence that you are amongst the kindest, most talented people I have run across all from the brief time I was around you

  10. 18

    fatima said,

    Keep the spiritis up ! your dreams are just getting closer my friend :D

  11. 20

    enna1966 said,

    You are a brave young woman for writing this – please know that there are many people around the world who are with you.

    The administration at the university should be ashamed of their actions, and it is ultimately their loss – they have lost an obviously bright, promising student.

    I agree with the anonymous supporter above – you should make sure that the US Embassy knows about this.

    Those of us in the US who support you will continue to pressure our administration to condemn these types of actions.

    Stay strong!

  12. 22

    Fatema said,

    We are proud of you Noor , and I am very sure that your futue will be very bright because you have a high personilty , and lot of skills . And as Bahrainan we are
    very proud that we have a daughter like you .

  13. 24

    A said,

    Masha-Allah… great letter. Take care and you’re in our prayers.

  14. 26

    Bahrain said,

    Keep up the spirit girl and don’t ever bend. Am sure better days will be seen by all of us. keep your head high and your morals higher and God is by your side as well as the majority of Bahrainis and the whole world.
    Bless you.

  15. 28

    Hussain said,

    Don’t care Noor you are bigger than them and the administration and managements in your x university keep silent  to save there positions and money .

    It’s one from the biggest systemic ethinc cleaning to replace the mujourity of the people with other loyal an obaid to Goverment, in other word to the money.

    Only the free people in this life will speak an take actions. 

    I am writing jus to tell the readers that there is many Students expulsion cases for the same political reasons not only in this university , University of Bahrain have the majority part to take out it’s best students.

    • 29

      I pray that things get better so we can all live in peace <3 the future looks bright for sure, it always looks bright if we chose beleived it can be :D

      thank you for caring :D

  16. 30

    Ali Abdulla said,

    I’m sure about our girls they are much strong to face such problems, and I’m enugh confident about their ability and they ll be the best always, be patient to gain our demands< for Bahrain everything is cheap

  17. 32

    Aysha Ali said,

    hi Sister Noor

    you dont the right thing and whatever you spelled out is very much your true feelings and what you sholud have , all of them are wrong and this dean has no more career or area on the education industry coz he lost it for supporting such a dectators .
    am certain that your brighter future going to be more shiny and you are the True and well know Bahrainis on the world .

    our prays and blessing for you and all students lost thie educations in Bahrain

  18. 34

    Alyaa Alghuraifi said,

    God bless you Noor , I do appreciate your courage very much.I know you believe that God is planning the best for you and I’m not afraid for you because you had shown a distinctive spirit for Bahrain.
    All the best dear :)

  19. 36

    Ali said,

    You will always be a proud and courageous Bahraini woman. Remember that god knows the truth but waits. God bless you.

  20. 38

    Walaa said,

    have nothing to say more than PROUD OF U NOOR

  21. 40

    ♥~ero said,

    God bless u sweety
    really sorry to hear what happened to you,,
    at the beginning i thought it was some one else and it really shocked me to know that was you!!
    Be strong and remember that polytechnic lost a brilliant woman like you ,, you didn’t lose anything
    we really proud of you as a polytechnic students and as Bahrainis
    I wish you all the luck <3

  22. 42

    عاشق الحرية said,

    عذرا لااجيد الانجليزية الا ان احببت ان اعبر عن مشاعري نحو رسالتك المعبرة حيث تظمنت في معانيها العزة والكبرية والفخر وهذا ما اشعرني بانكم يا شابات البحرين لكم الفضل في ما ستؤل اليه البحرين في القريب العاجل ومن هنا ارفع صوتي عاليا واقول سيري على دربك الذي ارتسمتيه من خلال ما عبرتي عنه في رسالتك فانت والشاعرة ايات مفخرة لكل بحريني عاشق للحرية وحب للعدالة ومشتاق للمساواة .

    • 43

      شكراً، انشالله الخير يعم على البحرين كلها وعلى شعبها هالطيب اللي مكانهم وسط العين والقلب..

  23. 44

    Jeff said,


    How sad,

    Mr Jeff

  24. 46

    Mohammad (EX-UOB Student) said,

    I don’t know you Noor, but i am sure this is a very moving and good letter.
    We feel proud to have people like you.
    keep the spirit high.

  25. 48

    mahmuda said,

    Hi Noor, it’s Mahmuda from Bangladesh…i’ll pray for you…loves……take care…

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