I feel like the polytechnic is singing : please don’t stop the expulsion ( as in please “don’t stop the music song” :P)

Well well well

today bahrain polytechnic expelled more than 30 people as far as I know

many of them I know personally, and many are close friends of mine..

well, what happened is that we met and kindda celebrated it! after all, tears are boring :P

I’m reading this cute book called: from lemon to lemonade , little things to sweeten  up life’s sour  moments.. ( btw I was reading it before all of this happen so I didn’t read it coz I’m sad)

Actully, I got the book when I WAS IN THE UNITED STATES :P  .. Anyhow, so back to the book title ..

I did that literly ! :P I turned our expulsion to a sweet thing for my friends :P

here’s how I did it..

Taraaa :

CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES with graduate, sad and crying person’s face :P

I know that one dozen is not enough coz there were dozen”s” who got expelleded .. but you get my point anyways ;D

here’s the cupcake from another angel :P :

the face is crying but it’s just to delever the point, not that they were crying !

My friends are the best and have super awesome high spirits !!<3

will give you those cupcakes next time I see you :D

Take care X-Bahrain Polytechnic students :D <3

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  1. 1

    Panjandrum said,

    honey, You’ve made me cry!
    don’t be Desperate, you’ll return to the university as soon as you expect :]

  2. 3

    Fatema said,

    you go girl !

    it’s the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end .. ~

    it is a new start for all of us <3

  3. 5

    Manal said,

    they say ( what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger ) & i can see that clearly in you :)
    be Strong & Patient the best is yet to come ;)

  4. 7

    fatima said,

    Hahahahahahahahaha so how did they taste ;p

  5. 9

    ♥~ero said,

    that’s the spirit , keep going gurl,, wish you all the best <3

  6. 11

    Claire said,

    They look great! You can always start a career in Cup Cake Making ;).

    No, just kidding! I find it terrible reading about all of this, but am sure you will have a bright future ahead of you!

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