105 days and counting, my new letter to Catherine Walker, The acting registrar at Bahrain Polytechnic


Dear Catherine Walker, the acting registrar at Bahrain Polytechnic,


Firstly, I want to thank you for contacting some of the expelled students asking them to return few days ago. That is only fair since you were one of the people who handed us the expulsion letters. I will never ever forget the expulsion day or forget you. I came into your office after you called me asking to do so. I came with a house made of papers which was a task I have just completed with my group in the HR class. You complimented it and asked if it was me who made it. I told you that it was me, and I have just finished it 5 minutes prior to your call.


Few days have passed already and I was waiting for a call from you informing me how sorry the administration at Bahrain Polytechnic is for expelling the students. That might be considered as a high expectation but I did not even receive a text message asking me to return as the others did. However, that  is good and I want to thank you for not calling me or sending me a text message. The reason for this is as the same as I have already told the chief investigators of BICI, asking me to return to the polytechnic using a text message would really offend me. When the administration decided to expel me they found time to write me a letter and found papers to print that letter on. They found a pen to proudly sign that decision. I can wait till the administration find papers and a pen to sign a written letter which says I am welcomed again in Bahrain Polytechnic. However, I cannot wait till they find time to sign it because they took all the time needed to do so already. 105 days passed since I was expelled on the 12nd of June,2011. Therefore, I demand to receive the letter by the end of this week. I do not think that my request is a difficult one. It is nothing compared to what I and the other expelled students had to go through because of the expulsion. And as I said before, to continue my studies at Bahrain Polytechnic or not is a choice that should be left for me to make and not something that should be decided by anyone else. I am not a trouble maker or a person who likes drama. I am just a student whom her right was violated and is expecting to get her rights back.


On another matter, when I wanted to write the words I wrote above I was puzzled about whom should I address them to. I do not know exactly why I thought of you, maybe because your name was a significant one in our case. I am sure that you had nothing to do with the process of making the decisions that changed and still are changing our lives. But you surly were and still are the messenger who delivers those decisions. So when I think of this I wonder, you came all the way from across the globe to work in Bahrain, is this really the job you have always dreamed of? I do not mean anything wrong by saying that. It is just that I am putting myself in your shoes and thinking: when leaving my country, family and friends to go work abroad, the job has to be an extraordinary one, one that I could not get where I was. Sometimes we work in jobs we do not like at all, or ones that have few tasks that we do not like. But in this case in particular, will the recent tasks you have completed like handing final expulsion letters to some of Bahrain Polytechnic’s founding students or the excellent ones ever be something that you would look back at 10 years later and smile? 20 years from now, will you be able to say “I had the best job in my life there” whenever anyone mentions the word “Bahrain” in front of you? I honestly hope and wish you can. I just love it when people say they had an amazing time in Bahrain.

The reason why I am saying this is that when I was in the US, they took us to see the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC. I stood there holding Bahrain’s flag so my friend can take a picture of me near the statue. I was surprised when a very excited lady approached me saying: are you from Bahrain?!!! She was very happy and she shook my hand when I answered yes. I asked her if she had ever visited Bahrain, she told me this: “yeah, I worked there for few years and I just came back, it’s a very nice country and the people are so friendly and amazing, welcome to my country, I am so glad to meet a Bahraini here”.  Of course we could not finish the conversation without talking about how hot and humid Bahrain’s weather is but that is not our topic now. I was very surprised at that time and thought: wow, what are the odds?! But that conversation truly made my day, I was so proud and excited I kept teasing my colleagues that were with me at that time and were not from Bahrain.


To conclude, I want to thank you for being nice to me on the expulsion day. I hope I can see you one day and have a conversation with you like the one I had with that lady in the US. I truly hope you have a great time in my country living with the kindest and sweetest people on earth, Bahrainis.






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  1. 1

    adel said,

    Dear NOOR,
    do not bother, you will have a better opportunity waiting for you somewhere. you are very very intelligent and brave student, i am sure you will be a Phd holder one day and will lead our new generation. think outside the box, go and get your degree from abroad.
    wish you all the best…… your retired tutor

    • 2

      Mr adddddddl!

      Wow it’s been a long time!! I hope you’re doing great! :D

      I already found a better opportunity and I’m finighing my degree abroad as we speak..
      But I will never let go my right nor give up on my country and people..
      My rights were and still are violeted, that needs to be corrected. And no, I will bother :p coz I want my rights back..

      Thank you for commenting and for your kind words, I’m so honored..

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