My letter to the “HUMANS ONLY” – how many standards are followed when it comes to the Bahraini students case?


Dear humans,


As one of Bahrain Polytechnic expelled students I feel honored to be one among hundreds of others who have been expelled from Bahraini institutions of higher education for their political views and opinion.

“Bahraini civil rights will stay in the academic spotlight this week.At its annual meeting in Washington, the Middle East Studies Association will give its 2011 Academic Freedom Award to the faculty and staff members and students at Bahraini institutions of higher education. In a statement that will accompany the award, the association said that hundreds of academics “have been dismissed, arrested, humiliated, and tortured during detention; some have been required to sign loyalty oaths; others have had their scholarships withdrawn.” – The chronicle

This news comes one week before the 6 month anniversary of my expulsion. On the 12 of June 2011, I was the first student to get expelled from Bahrain Polytechnic. Just like many others, my story has some interesting facts. For instance, I was sent to Minnesota- USA on a women leadership program (a scholarship funded by the US State Department) from the period of: the end of January 2010 till the beginning of March 2011, which is the beginning and the peak of the protests that took place in Bahrain. That fact did not help much in convincing the investigation committee at Bahrain Polytechnic that I had a minor participation in the protests (not that protesting in general is a wrong thing) let a long any violence act. They ignored my right of freedom of speech and opinion (just like many other students) by printing my facbook history of posts and comments, and asked me to give reasons, explanations and justifications for writing them. The fact that no violence act did ever take place at Bahrain Polytechnic also did not help preventing the administration from forming the investigation committee where we were dragged to one after another to be questioned and humiliated as a punishment for our political views on the situation of our beloved country, nor did it help stopping them from getting us expelled and treated like criminals by escorting us off campus using the campus security vehicles.

 After a series of lies and false promises of reinstating all the expelled students, 38 students from University of Bahrain and 31 others from Bahrain Polytechnic remain expelled. To be honest, I do not know about University Bahrain but what I know is that all those who were reinstated to Bahrain Polytechnic had to sign pledges and were given warnings that are controversial like: not participating in any political activity of any shape or form. Therefore, the risk of getting expelled again remains high. On a personal level, I am one of the 31 students who have not been reinstated to study at Bahrain Polytechnic. I am no longer interested in studying there especially under that administration. However, I am eager to get my right back.

Throughout this blog, I sent a number of messages to different people whom are related to our case in a letter form. Only one of them responded, which is Mr Khalid Ahmed, an investor in the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry. He refused to give me his permission when I asked to publish his response and told me that had he know I published the letter I sent to him he would not have even responded to my email. Perhaps the information he told me in his response would cause problems to committee if published, I do not really know. However, the letter that had the largest number of views and responses from the public was the letter I sent throughout my blog and facebook to John Scott, the CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic. People were shocked that he did not reply back to me but I was not surprised at all. I did not and still do not expect any reply from him because I know for a fact that whatever response he will give will not undo all the troubles we all went and still going through because of the expulsion, nor it would help healing our hurt in dignity and pride due to the fact that half year have passed on the incident. Basically, any response from him will be too little and too late.

Today, on this special occasion (the award) I wonder, If many students were expelled just for visiting the pearl roundabout, and if going there was a crime, why there was not any similar action taken against John Scott? He too was spotted there BY THE SAME STUDENTS whom were expelled for going there!

 I am not interested in causing him any problems and I surly do not hate him. I just wonder how many standards are followed when it comes the students case?

 I demand the immediate restraince of all the expelled students. It is our right and we shall get it back.

Note: I did not take the pictures. And for all those who will start shouting it’s fabricated, it’s not. The original ones were sent to me in their original size but it has been reduced for internet speed matter.

 Thank you,


References :

 The chronicle:

The first letter I wrote to John Scott:

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  1. 1

    Anon said,

    JS is a crook anyway, he’s accused of fraud in New Zealand. Since the government gave money based on how many students are enrolled in a particular course, all you had to do is make a fake course, enroll people and voila: cash in pocket. Which is what happened (students were handed a CD and that was it).

    His reputation is in the gutter in NZ. No one did a background check on this guy. Look into it yourself. Look up CoolIT on – add Christchurch or John Scott and see what you can find (it’s old).

    Point is, JS never was here to help you. Of course he won’t reply.

    • 2

      Jan Ryan said,

      Dear Anon

      JS may not be everyone’s favourite person, but just how do your comments help the students? Might have been better to stick to the topic and not go off on your own personal side issue. Best wishes to you whoever you are.

    • 3

      I don’t know about the things you are saying.. However, I don’t have a personal problem with him. He happened to be the CEO of the polytechnic , if he was someone else in the same situation I would’ve addressed that someone too..

      thanks for taking time to reply though :D

  2. 4

    Jan Ryan said,

    Hi Noor

    The “administration” at Bahrain Polytechnic who dealt with the student dismissals was led by the Deputy CEO, Dr Mohamed AlAsiri who was appointed by the Ministry of Education.

    I would assume it was Dr AlAsiri who the BICI spoke to when they went to the Ministry of Education. John Scott wasn’t even invited to talk to the BICI and knew nothing about it. I also wrote to the BICI in August and advised them that it was the Ministry who was carrying out all the dismissals. They didn’t mention this in their report at all. I quit because I couldn’t justify being paid by people who were so blatantly discriminatory and – well – wrong. The people I’m talking about are the government, not the expat administration.

    I think you need to start writing to Dr Mohamed AlAsiri, Deputy CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic.

    BTW: John Scott has an apartment right next to the Pearl Roundabout and he had to walk through it to get there. However, I’m the only expat I know of who didn’t go to the Roundabout and I was just about to when they did the 2nd attack. You do have a point about double standards.

    It is unbelievable that you students have not been reinstated when the BICI specifically recommended this due to the illegal dismissals.

    I’m so proud of you and the other dismissed students who have maintained your dignity and been proven right.

    My warmest wishes

    Jan Ryan

    • 5

      Dear Jan,

      I have never referred to John Scott as the one who got us expelled. I actually stressed before on the fact that he was out of the picture during the investigation and the expulsion. He wasn’t there after the expulsion too.

      and I know that the expat staff were not part of the expulsion decision itself. I have never said the opposite.

      and the fact that John visited isn’t something shameful or something that needs to be punished for. Because going there isn’t a crime to begin with. I just said what I said to show the double standards followed in our case nothing more or less.

      I have said in my twitter account and I’ll say it here again, if anything happened to his career because of the fact that he visited the roundabout I would be extremely upset and annoyed. because I believe that democracy is something that should be guaranteed for all.

      thank you for the intresting reply :D I appreciate it ..

  3. 6

    Jan Ryan said,

    Hi again Noor

    Thought I’d best add that the Polytechnic is a government institution. The government advises the Ministry of Education who advises the Polytechnic administration.

    So everyone is waiting on the government to allow you to return when/if they implement the BICI recommendations.

    It is very disappointing that it hasn’t already happened.


    • 7

      there are people who doesn’t want that to happen for sure. Returning students is a card that they don’t want to lose. It’s shameful to see how the future of some of the brightest students is being playing with. I’m not talking about myself here, I’m talking about the other expelled students who are really awesome people ..

  4. 8

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